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Ester's Paranormal Books 

The Quest

A young man on a Quest to seek his father's fortune must break an evil curse to win his own fortune and return to save his father's house from foreclosure.


Golden Idols

A detective and her angel partner must capture a criminal before he kills again, or die trying.


Dark Demon

Two detectives, investigating a rash of burglaries, are soon separated due to their recent marriage. Can their relationship survive the change? And will they be able to confront the Dark Demon alone, or seek the help of new allies?


Between Heaven and Earth

A Guardian Angel and a nursing school dropout must learn who is behind the murders of two homeless men before she becomes victim number three.

Between Heaven & Earth 8.23.png

Bailey's Irish Dream

A lonely widow, experiencing repeating dreams, goes in search of her dream lover. Can she find a second chance at love with a man who is not quite human?

Bailey's Irish Dream9.23.png


A Nephilim, trying to keep a low profile, stumbles across a shape-shifting dog, where she struggles to keep her past a secret.

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