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Cosmic Sky

Ester López

Author - Publisher,

Writing on the Edge of Reality

Between Heaven & Earth 8.23
Bailey's Irish Dream9.23
About Me

About Me

I write sci-fi and paranormal adventure romances and children's books. I've been writing since I first learned how and I'm fascinated with the tools of the trade. I learned calligraphy in grade school because my first pen was a fountain pen. I like the feel of the pen's ink flowing against the paper or the feel of the pencil lead as it forms words. Typewriters and computers don't give me the sensual feelings of the writing instruments I first held in my hands. I go into withdrawal when I can't write and I will find scraps of paper to jot down notes, just to be able to write something.

I got my start in the Smokies, where it took me 25 years from start to finish my first book. Now that I am a published author, my journey continues as both an author and publisher.

I reside here in the Smokies with my husband, our two mini horses, Pepper and Bucky, our dog, Chewie, and our chickens.

Work Experience


Photography is one of my many passions. Besides carrying the tools of the trade for writing, I also carry a camera. Along with writing, I like to travel and shoot images of things I experience or see while on my journey.

I'm a visual person and I picture images in my mind of where my characters are and what they are doing. If I  can't "see it" in my mind, I can't describe it.

My biggest frustration is trying to get the images in my head on paper so others can see it. At times, I wish I was an artist where I could draw or paint what I see.

Another passion is making things by hand, which includes arts and crafts, stained glass, sewing, as well as making wine, canning vegetables, and growing flowers.

My happy place at Gulf Islands National Seashore

Ester's Photo Gallery

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